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quantico tv show

Quantico on ABC is a unique sort of whodunnit that combines elements of The Fugitive, and 90210, with a dash of Back to the Future (we explain it in the episode). The story revolves around Alex Parrish, played by former Miss India and Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, as the FBI’s most talented recruit and number one suspect. Ms. Parrish is found at the epicenter of an explosive terrorist event without any clues as to how she got there. The pilot episode flashes forward and back giving you glimpses into the FBI’s Quantico training program where someone, perhaps one of their recruits, is likely the person responsible for blowing up Grand Central Station.

In this episode we talk about how well the pilot script is written and the intensity of it on screen.  The hosts Jason and Alex chat about strong female characters, some of the missing lines from the script and why this show as exciting as it is, might just be the FBI’s version of a high school drama.
Check Quantico out and find out who did it. Was it Alex? Check out the podcast on our theories.
Script v Screen Grading: 
Jason Script B/ Screen A-
Alex Script B+/ Screen B+
Pop Culture Notes: 
 Patty Duke – wiki
Parent Trap (1998) with Lindsay Lohan- clip
Parent Trap (1961) with Hailey Mills – clip

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