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minority report tv show

It’s been said that Steven Spielberg had turned down every opportunity to make Minority Report into a television show until it was pitched to him as “what happened to the three pre-cogs after Pre-Crime was shut down?” Suffice it to say with a wonderful movie as their source material the show managed to waste anything that was good about the film and have it fall into a regular sci-fi police procedural.  It’s your buddy cop film like Medium meets Turner and Hooch.

An early leaked version of the show did not seem to worry the network since they said they were still adding more tweaks to the show, but ultimately both versions of the show were very different from its pilot script.  The leaked version managed to stay a bit truer to the script, where as the final version took out much of the mystery written.


In the end Minority Report suffered from poor casting with zero chemistry, and a really lame first crime to solve. Minority Report had its initial thirteen episode order cut down to ten, and will not be renewed for a second season making it one of this season’s first television casualty.
Starring Meagan Goode, Sands Stark and Wilmer Valderrama the future of this show is clearly over.
Script vs Screen Grades:
Jason Script B+ / Screen C
Alex Script B- / Screen D+
Pop Culture Notes:
Sneakers Trailer starring Robert Redford and Ben Kingsley

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