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game of thrones season 6

We are ending Season Two of Script Vs Screen with an incredibly well written script and an amazingly produced final produce: Game of Thrones. D.B. Weiss and David Benioff took George R.R. Martin’s epic novels and translated them so incredibly well, we can only saw if you can get your hands on the script you will enjoy reading it. And, for casual fans, with the new season coming to HBO in April it would be worth revisiting past seasons.

Knowing what you know after 5 incredibly rich, bloody, back-stabbing, full-frontal nude seasons, you will be surprised at the subtle and not so subtle pieces in the first episode.

No doubt that tackling such a massive and much beloved epic had its troubles. Game of Thrones manages to bring together a cast of incredibly talented and nuanced actors, with a really strong script.

One item mentioned in the podcast is that the two creators only wrote about a 40-42 minute pilot and ended up filling in the time with a few two-person scenes. Which, turned out to be some of the most engaging scenes in the first episode. It was someone D.B. and David continued to do throughout the series. If and when they were short on time, they picked two characters that they felt would make for interesting, tense, and drama filled conversations.

This show and script each are the best we have done in our two seasons, and our grade clearly reflect that.

Script vs Screen:

Jason: Script A+ / Screen A+

Alex: Script A+ / Screen A+

Pop Culture Notes:

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