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warrior nbc review

We were fortunate enough to get a script and first look at a pilot episode of Warrior – a mysterious martial arts crime drama that was potentially going to find a home on NBC. The script is really well written, with big ideas and great descriptions of the action and story. This show really illustrates that even with a great script, a strong cast, a skilled director and backed by a great production company, the final project could still miss the mark with editing, and not having the budget for better special effects, or more characters to give it a more fuller feel. It is as though it has all the right ingredients, but was not left in the oven long enough to rise.

For the full episode, click here.

Jason Scott Lee, Natalie Martinez, Will Yun Lee, and Lance Gross are really well cast in their respective parts. They are believable, likable, and diverse. The final version tried a little too hard with character development with Koto (Jason Scott Lee) liking mid- to late 90’s music with Nirvana and Pearl Jam, something not in the script, but when executed in the show seemed a little misplaced.

David DiGilio’s script is a well written action drama that combines a lot of elements from anime, Chinese martial arts movies, and American dramas. Think Homeland meets Kill Bill meets Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon meets Dragonball Z meets Rocky. And yet, in an effort to be something else completely, the show misses the opportunity to play homage to them and relish in what came before them. There was talk that after NBC passed on making Warrior, FOX had expressed interest. After some rewrites, FOX decided not to move forward with the project.

It seems like Warrior had a lot of potential, and for what it’s worth seemed like an original idea that despite all the creativity put into the project, could not capture the imagination of the networks.

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Script vs. Screen Grading:

Alex:  Script B+/ Screen C-

Jason: Script B+ / Screen D+

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