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no tomorrow review

The CW’s No Tomorrow is a show about a 30-something attractive, risk-adverse, single woman who falls hard for a very handsome free spirit who happens to believe the world is going to end in less than a year. Together they embark on living life to the fullest, and knocking things off their Bucket List, or as Josh’s Xavier has it, his “Apoca-list.”

Starring Tori Anderson as Evey Covington, a product or productivity manager at a big-box cyber retailer very similar to Amazon, and Joshua Sasse (pronounced Sass or Sassy – we don’t know) a former science magazine copy editor turned unemployed, live-everyday-like-it-is-your-last free spirit. These two are the reason to watch the show. Their charisma and charm is off the charts, and casting knocked it out of the park with two really attractive, endearing actors in Sasse and Anderson. Their chemistry is unbelievable, and you want to root for these two lovebirds.

The pilot episode covers a lot of ground, and we do mean a lot. Aside from establishing the obvious – the main character, the wacky coworkers (Jonathan Langdon, Saraya Blue), the terrible boss (Amy Pietz), the love interest, the ex-boyfriend (Jesse Rath), the intrusive, but loving family (Ted McGinley), and a life threatening heart condition (what?!) you may ask yourself how one sitcom manages so much. There’s the catch: The CW has this as a 1 hour drama. After all, what’s so funny about the end of the world?

The trouble with this show is how much it tries to be everything all at once. The cut-to flashbacks, the cartoonish characterization of her ex-boyfriend Timothy (Jesse Rath), and the over-the-top absurd ending you cannot say for certain what the tone of the show really is. Is this rom-com disguised as a drama taking itself serious enough? Is it suppose to? Does it have to? Look how cute the couple is…. there, maybe we don’t have to worry about it.

Perhaps we hosts do not understand the CW enough to know for sure. With shows like the Flash, Green Arrow, Super Girl, and Legends of Tomorrow being some of their best hits, there are still shows like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Jane the Virgin, and No Tomorrow that offer something completely different, but with the same campy fun nature. Those latter shows are like super hero movies without super heroes.  Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has the power to succeed! Jane has the super power to have a baby without having sex, and Evey from No Tomorrow has the strength to heal from open heart surgery in one day, and the willpower and courage to date a potential lunatic who believe the world will end!

One of the biggest concerns on this show is what kind of message is it sending to the viewers? Perhaps it is not clear whether Josh Sasse’s Xavier Holliday is mentally unwell, or completely carefree, but what does that say about Evey’s desire to be with him even if he is clearly not the right person in the long run?

We cannot be certain if this show goes past one season, but we have seen it in the past where the pilot episode might be a little hard to handle, but is course corrected as the season goes on.

Which begs the biggest question of all – if your premise is around a show that only has 8 months to live, how can you possibly have a season 2 after that?

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