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dominic dierkes

We introduce this side project Script V. Screen: Writers’ Room where we sit down with various writers in the industry to give us a little insight into what it’s like being in the room, the process taken to get that beloved television show on air. For each writer has their own experience, and each room is run in its own unique way depending on the showrunners, stars and network executives involved.

For our pilot episode of SVS: Writers’ Room we are honored to be interviewing Dominic Dierkes.

You might know Dominic from his sketch group Derrick Comedy with Donald Glover,  D.C. Pierson, Dan Eckman and Meggie McFadden. He has been a staff writer for shows such as Allen Gregory (created by Jonah HillAndrew MogelJarrad Paul), Workaholics (created by Blake AndersonAdam DevineAnders Holm), The Grinder (created by Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul), and Making History (Julius Sharpe). 

He is currently a staff writer on The Mick working with writers/creators David and John Chernin, former staff writers on Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

In this interview, Dominic gives a brief look at his stand up career, sketch writing and film days, and shares his experience working in the various rooms on those single camera television shows.

We hope you enjoy the Writers’ Room and look forward to putting out more interviews with these talented writers.

The Mick season 2 premieres on FOX on Tuesday, September 26 @ 9pm.

Pop Culture Notes:

Dominic mentioned one of his favorite Derrick Comedy sketches titled “Memory Loss,” which we have shared here, but please check out all their sketches on Youtube.  He also mentioned that one of his greatest successes by the sheer amount of work is the movie he wrote, starred in and produced “Mystery Team,” available on Netflix.

He also mentioned that his friend and former sketch-mate Donald Glover will be playing Lando Calrissian in the upcoming Han Solo Star Wars movie.

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