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Jim Jefferies Comedian

In this episode we interview two writers from the political satire show The Jim Jefferies Show. Two stand up comedians, Curtis Cook and Subhah Agarwal, sound appreciative to work with the great comedian Jim Jefferies. Having the opportunity to watch an incredibly talented comedian Jim Jefferies churn out these amazing rants, jokes and take on US politics and world issues is a real eye-opener for Cook and Agarwal.

This fun episode is filled with some really helpful advice on sometimes doing the things you don’t know will have a payoff, but with hard work and determination (also sheer grit, luck and a good manager) you can get some really awesome opportunities. What helps is that you do the work.

Both Curtis and Subhah are talented and funny comedians, and it sounds like the Jim Jefferies Show is a fun place to be – even if it might be depressing to learn just how bad US socio-political situation is getting, and just how weird our world can be.

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