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mike stern

In this episode I have the chance to speak with writer, actor and ex-Tom Cruise stand-in Mike Stern. I have always been impressed and just how much and how well Mike writes. There doesn’t seem to be a genre that he cannot do – film, television, comedy, horror, drama, suspense-thrillers, detective movies – and it’s inspirational to hear from someone working hard to break into Hollywood. He offers some really insightful points on honing your craft, and having the drive and work ethic so when the opportunity arises you are ready. Sometimes you even have to create those opportunities through unpaid internships at a production company, or paying a pretty-penny to go a “pitch-fest.”

I always enjoy spending time with Mike and hearing about all the hard work he is putting into his writing and career, the advice he got from Christopher McQuarrie, and it is always great to hear the occasional Tom Cruise story.

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