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This week’s episode is a real treat as we sit down with comedy nerd/sketch writer extraordinaire Mike Upchurch, who has written sketches for Mr. Show (with Bob Odenkirk and David Cross), The Chris Rock Show, and MADtv.

We learn about his start in Las Vegas, and his UNLV Graduate program, where he wrote the Poetics of Sketch Comedy – an academic look of the origins and elements of sketch.  We cover a little bit of everything from writing for premium channel cult hits and major network television to his really funny and original projects he is currently working on.

You can watch his Cocktails and Dreams proof of concept featuring the very funny Chris Fairbanks and the one and of course only Tom Cruise.

His Dragnet inspired project “Green Boy: Prescription for Death” can be seen as well:

This episode is definitely one for the record books, but it was so easy chatting with Mike, and we know it’s an episode you will really enjoy listening to as he shares some really wild tales of him breaking into the industry.

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